It's time to stop stalling, sabotaging and ​suffering.

 It's time to stop living a life dictated by the limitations and projections. 

It's time to tell the truth and get free. 

You've been sold a list of criteria for deserving to be seen, to have joy, to deserve thrive.  


Everyone has a list of all the things that you need to change to be successful:   learn this process, ignore your gut, assimilate into this system, sacrifice your integrity, conform, hustle.  

You listened.

You tried to conform.  

You tried being more of one thing and less of another. 

You sacrificed and put yourself last.


...and none of it works.  

That's because "you" aren't the problem. 


The real work isn't just hustling, grinding or faking it until you make it. 
The real work isn't sacrificing everything and everyone we love for a dollar, a promotion, or the "next level".

The real work is being in integrity with yourself and others.
The real work is reconnecting to your intuition and working in harmony with how you're wired.

The real work is processing your pain, grief and trauma so that it doesn't get into the way of your success.  
The real work is to stop gaslighting yourself and others. 
The real work is unlearning and dismantling oppressive norms and behaviors.

The real work is integration and alignment of vision, values, beliefs and thought, world and actions. 

The real work is unlearning the things that people who benefit from your captivity taught you

The real work is being LIBERATED from the LIES that hold you HOSTAGE.


The truth will absolutely set you free, but first you need to tell it to yourself.  

​You have to get honest about what has you stuck, what you want, what you need and what you need to shift.  Above all, you have to stop telling yourself that you don't deserve it and you won't get it, 

Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lies that have been holding you hostage. 

If you're ready to join me, join ANEW, a community for Healing + Liberation.  




Liberation is not an EVENT, It's a LIFESTYLE

When you get free...everything changes. 

Your money changes...

Your relationship with yourself changes... 

Your health changes...

Your boundaries change... 

Your love life and relationships change... 

...for the better. 

Healing, recovery, liberation, living in unconditional accountability and integrity and divesting from oppressive behaviors are not events.  


It's a lifestyle that begin with telling the truth about the ways you are bound.

It require that you be relentless about realizing, resisting and rejecting the lies that keep you unhealthy, and contributing your own or the collective's harm and captivity.  


Healing, recovery, divesting and practicing unconditional self acceptance + love, accountability and integrity are how you get free. 

To stay free , the work then becomes grounding yourself in the gorgeous, expansive truth that you are a powerful, sovereign being, with complete agency over your life and personhood who is worthy of goodness and believes in liberation and autonomy for all -  then developing into a human who is committed to living practices that are in alignment with these truths.


Hey...I'm Staci

I'm a performance consultant and coach the creator of the UNRAVELED method for getting free from the the things that keep people stuck, playing small, and sabotaging their own success.  I have over 25 years experience coaching, training and mentoring leaders and change agents to get amazing results.  


My passion, purpose and mission is setting YOU free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that hold you hostage and keep you from showing up powerfully.  


Integrity Is My Love Language™


I’m a straight shooter, big-picture-lover, bottom-liner, get-to-the root TRUTH TELLER. I won’t lie to you, and I won’t dance around the truth.  


I believe in fierce love, unconditional integrity  and loving accountability.  That means I will go to the mat with and for you, but I won't let you off the hook, because I believe in our individual and collective ability to be better humans. 

I will tell you the truth in love and ask questions that guide you back to humanity, truth, honesty and integrity...AND get you to where you want and need to be. 


I am tenaciously committed to helping you be free from the lies that people who benefit from your captivity taught you. We are socialized into harmful binaries, compromises and complicity that keep us trading trauma and bad experiences. For us to be free and stay free, we have to be the ones to say, "This cycle ends with me."


I believe in sovereignty, agency, and liberation for ALL.  That means that I will help you reclaim them for yourself as well as understand where you are hindering them others.  We ALL get free over here and getting free doesn’t mean becoming an oppressor. 


I don’t believe that  life is necessarily “messy”. Messy is…well, a mess.  I believe that we owe it to ourselves and each other to be the best we can be in any given moment - and that changes with capacity.   I DO believe that life is imperfect and humans are too, so I don’t expect it of myself or others.  That means I leave grace for myself and YOU to make mistakes….So I won’t  promise that I will always show up glammed out or that you may not see the occasional typo, and I invite you to do the same. This work is less about how we look and more about how we LIVE.  


I believe in authentic (not performative) vulnerability - because I believe whole heartedly that the truth will set us free.  This means I that in service to this work, I am willing to share my mistakes, missteps and fears- because I am exhausted by the press to be perfect everywhere and it’s untrue.   


You have to DO the work to see shifts and results.  That one speaks for itself.  Liberation, Elevation and Transformation don’t happen by osmosis, you have to participate in your own freedom.  I’m here as a coach, midwife and guide, but you are the one giving birth.  


Here's the truth about birthing things:


Change and growth is uncomfortable.  When we you feel that discomfort, that's when it's time to push...lean in, do the work, ask questions for clarification and keep going.


Moving from captivity to freedom is uncomfortable - but so is staying stuck.  You’re going to be uncomfortable so, if that’s the case, let it be in service to liberation.  

I want MOST of all to see you thriving and free.  

I'd be honored to be your midwife  and  guide.  

If you want to know what it's like to work with me, visit the testimonials HERE

Here's a photo with me on a typical day, wearing black, crystals on my person, rocking Docs and planning something to set someone free.  


Work with me: Join The ANEW Collective

Join an unconventional community that actually provides a space and structure that gives you time and support to breathe, process, question practice and integrate.  

The ANEW Collective is a healing + liberation coaching &  membership space for leaders, healers, and creatives who are ready to get free and get to work.  It's designed to give you a space to unravel what is keeping you stuck.  It’s a process to help you get free from the beliefs, behaviors and binaries that keep you stuck, sabotaging, playing small AND that have a very real impact on your relationship and responsibility to yourself, your creativity, your dreams, money and community.  

You'll learn what stories are driving your life and how to stop aligning with behaviors and narratives that imare hurting your ability succeed in this evolving culture. 

It's  a program to help you reclaim power, possibility and creativity; to reconnect to your intuition, vision and values and learn how to use the rules of creativity - not hustle, oppression and fear to make things happen.  

Reclaim + Improve: 

  • Your relationship to TRUTH

  • Your relationship to abundance and money

  • Your relationship to power 

  • Your relationship to vision, creativity and possibility

  • Your relationship to boundaries and letting things get in the way of what is most important

  • Truth and integrity - understand where you have been aligned with oppressive narratives that keep you trading oppression and trauma

  • Reconnect to THE truth, YOUR truth, vision, power, sovereignty, agency, and purpose.  

Learn + Apply: 

  • My coaching model to determine where the gaps are between where you are and where you want to be

  • How to interrogate everything and use critical thinking to create a plan of action

ANEW  is a space of revelation, ritual, reconnection, recovery, reclamation and growth.



The ANEW collective is a community for leaders, healers and change agents who are ready to get free from the lies holding them hostage and learn processes, strategies and practices for staying free.  


$97/month or $1164 annually


When you join, you get access to:


  • Membership in the ANEW online community 

  • My signature ANEW Self coaching tool

  • Weekly themes, conversations and live events inside the community and discussions in the community.  



  • Bi-Monthly community connection call - this is your time to connect with community and commune and have conversations around the content in the community.  Come together and share challenges, wins, fears, learnings a safe space.  


  • These calls are not recorded. It's important as we move away from drive-by, dial-it-in culture that we make a commitment to be present for others in community.  



Healing and growth happen in community

This work will work if you work it. 

This work requests your presence with the work,  yourself and the community. 

This work requires your practice and participation. 

This work insists that  you tell the truth, even the uncomfortable truth and be willing to sit with the discomfort of change for the promise of healing and liberation. 

I invite you to join me in this community of intention, presence,  healing, liberation, magic, and growth.