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Hey There...​

I'm Staci Jordan Shelton, performance consultant and trusted advisor & coach to Muses, Mavens, Moguls, Manifestors, Magicians, & MCs. 

In short, I help people who are called to change the world to align, elevate and expand without hustling and self harm.  

Want to learn more about how to work with me to guide you though process and practices that help you reconnect to your sovereignty, clarity, audacity and power - so that you can successfully do the work that you came here to do?​

Want to join one my Signature Intensives or Mastermind? 

Want to hear me speak or be a guest on your podcast Want to learn more about my frameworks, praxis?  

Let's talk.  I'd love to hear how I can support you. 


Just fill out the form below and let's get the conversation started.    

I look forward to hearing from you!

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