You deserve success and joy, no matter what you've been told. I'm here to see to it that you have them.  

Even if you don't “hustle” for it.  

You’ve been told that you should settle for a life of less: less joy, less success, less peace, less abundance, less success.  You are told that you are supposed to settle for a life that is full of stress, lack and putting yourself last. You are told that to be successful you have to be perfect, hustle, fit into toxic norms and ways of being, abandon truth, integrity and authenticity.  


This isn't the truth.   

When we internalize these lies as truth, we become masters at shrinking ourselves, gaslighting ourselves and wasting trying to adopt approaches that don't fit or work for us.   When we , we fall into alignment with people and things that chip away at our dreams and personhood.  


Lies don't become truth, even with repetition. 


It's time to get free from all of them.  

Before the Truth can set you free…you have to recognize which lies are holding you hostage.

Once you recognize that we’ve become entangled with incomplete or inaccurate truths, it's time for you to get free. 

I'm here to help you get free.  

I know what it's like to be stuck and afraid to move forward.  

I know what it's like to read through your journal and see the same complaints, fears and dreams year after year, with no real progress.

I know what it's like have a brilliant idea, but be afraid to execute on it.

I know that no amount of process focus is going to make up for the fact that you need to reconnect to your power and need support. 

I also know how to help you  get unstuck and create what you want...consistently.  

No amount of hustling, working hard, solves the problem of self sabotage. No amount of “discipline” ​or  “grit” makes you move when you you don’t understand  what is keeping you from starting or staying the course in the first place.  

I've done this work for myself.  I've done this work with entrepreneurs, healers, leaders and  artists.  I've done this work with small business owners.  I've done this work with Fortune 500 corporations. 

And I would love to do this work with you.  

This is my life's work...and it works, if you work it. 


I'm a performance consultant and organizational development professional with over 25 years working with leaders, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs and organizations to shift and improve productivity, process, culture and profits. 

In addition to being a consultant - I'm a knitter.  

Every now and then when I’m knitting, I stumble upon a tangled snag.  It’s a roadblock.  I cannot continue until I deal with it one way or another.  

In those moments, I have a choice:  I can take the easy way and cut the tangle out of my way.  That results in a loss of material- and sometimes a pretty significant loss, if I’m honest. I’m left with less to work with and no understanding of the cause or how much I really sacrificed by not dealing with untangling the block. Or I can take the time and unravel. 

Unraveling creates the conditions for me to be present, deliberate and uncover what is truly keeping me from moving forward without sidestepping.  It’s a zero-waste activity. Even the time spent is a gift.

Unraveling takes more time. But, even though it temporarily slows me down, unraveling helps me calm down, be present with the frustration, get to the source of the problem, salvage my materials , and clear out what’s blocking me from creating something of beauty. 

When I’m done, I’m left with clarity,  a sense of accomplishment, confidence of what I can achieve, and a residual patience. 

Unraveling is a form of, discovery, emancipation and salvaging materials for the journey.

What begins as panicked frustration becomes sacred meditation. By sitting with the tangles and leaning into the challenge, and doing the work to unravel them, I  find out what things are causing the snag and holding up my progress. 

It is the same with life.

The Process, Practice and Work  I do with people to get free is called UNRAVELED.  

Unraveled is a course to help unravel the lies that have been holding you hostage:  about who you have permission to be, what you have the potential to become and what power you possess to affect change, both in your communal spaces and personal life.  It’s a place to discover the truth and be set free.  


Before the Truth can set you free, you have to recognize which lies are holding you hostage.

UNRAVELED is where you get free.  



Unraveled: An Exercise in Becoming Untangled

7 Week Intensive 

Over the course of seven weeks for the UNRAVELED intensive or 12 months within the UNRAVELED Collective- you will work through the process of uncovering, unraveling, untangling what has you stuck and clear the way so that you can create more of what you want in your life.  

It’s your space to identify the lies that have have held you hostage and set them, and by design, yourself, free.  

You'll learn what stories are driving your life and how to stop aligning with behaviors and narratives that imare hurting your ability succeed in this evolving culture. 

It's  a program to help you reclaim power, possibility and creativity; to reconnect to your intuition, vision and values and learn how to use the rules of creativity - not hustle, oppression and fear to make things happen.  


We weave new worlds of possibility here. 

Get free from the lies that hold you hostage in a life that doesn’t support you and start creating exactly what you want. 

Here's what you can achieve if you show up, go through the process, commit to practices and participate in this work: 


Reclaim + Improve: 

  • Your relationship to TRUTH

  • Your relationship to abundance and money

  • Your relationship to power 

  • Your relationship to vision, creativity and possibility

  • Your relationship to boundaries and letting things get in the way of what is most important

  • Truth and integrity - understand where you have been aligned with oppressive narratives that keep you trading oppression and trauma

  • Reconnect to THE truth, YOUR truth, vision, power, sovereignty, agency, and purpose.  

Learn + Apply: 

  • Practices and  models for Integrated Accountability, resolving conflict and shaping sustainable boundaries.

  • How to interrogate everything and use critical thinking to create a plan of action

  •  How to connect to your core values and develop a plan of action based on your needs, goals and patterns.  Gain  clarity on your vision, values and what you want you want  

  • Assess our personal, professional and project needs and create structures of support to keep yo on track. 

  • Integrate your vision, values and learnings into actionable practices and processes to keep you on track and keep you from falling back into patterns of sabotage. 

  • It is a space of revelation, ritual, reconnection, recovery, reclamation and growth.


When you join, you get immediate access to my signature offering,  UNRAVELED, a 7-week course that leads you gently and fiercely through identifying the lies holding you hostage, and what you need to do to get free and stay free. 

Lessons and modules are recorded delivered right to your inbox, so you don't have to worry about having to show up at a particular time. 

Lessons and modules include prompts, practices and processes for transformation, alignment and shifting beliefs and behaviors away from binaries and oppressive norms to healthy, grounded  and supported ways of being. 


  • Monthly Q&A Call - each month you submit your questions, challenges and support items.  I'll answer the questions on a recorded video and share them in the collective. 

  • Monthly community connection call - this is your time to connect with community and share challenges, wins, fears, learnings from  applied practice, dreams and whatever else you want to talk about in a safe space.  These calls are not recorded. It's important as we move away from drive-by, dial-it-in culture that we make a commitment to be present for others in community.  



This work will work if you work it. 

This work requests your presence with the work,  yourself and the community. 

This work requires your practice and participation. 

This work insists that  you tell the truth, even the uncomfortable truth and be willing to sit with the discomfort of change for the promise of healing and liberation. 

Engagement Options: 

UNRAVELED Intensive:

​The Intensive Includes:​

  • 7 weekly recorded lessons designed to help you get to the root of what has stuck,

  • Targeted exercises and questions designed to unravel what has you entangled and encumbered, 

  • Access to private online group for discussion and support for the duration of the program.  

  • UNRAVELED Workbook (PDF)

  • Group Coaching videoconferences for questions, discussion and support.​

Investment: $1777 

Join the mailing list to stay in touch and hear when the next unraveled session begins.  

Getting free is a process, staying free is a practice. Get free.  Stay Free.  Thrive.