UNRAVELED: Reclaiming Power 


You’re not Powerless. 

You've just been taught to believe that you are.



We are raised to give so much of our power away.


When you are feeling powerless, or consistently in a place of anger, frustration, exhaustion and depletion - it’s a signal that  you may be misunderstanding, misappropriating, mistrusting, or misusing your power.

When you misunderstand, misappropriate, mismanage, mistrust and misuse your power, you impact your progress and what your can manifest.  

When you abandon or abdicate your power, you end up give disproportionality and end up depleted.  


It never feels good…or right.  


I believe that's because deep down we KNOW that we are powerful, even if we've been bullied into giving it away.  


When you stand in and manage your power effectively, your make powerful changes in ourselves, your work, your families and the world. 


It's time to unlearn playing small.


When you play small,  it’s a signal to people that they can devalue you. ​. 

In short, we play yourself, and it's time for that to end. 

When you are disconnected from truth and your own power and how to use it - you will be inconsistent in the effectiveness, execution and demonstration of it. You will allow others to define and decide who you are and what you can have. 

It doesn't have to stay that way. 

The truth is that you are sovereign, powerful and worthy. It's time to return to that knowing. 

To move from truth to power you have to RECLAIM it.  

UNRAVELED: Reclaiming power is where you will do just that. 

UNRAVELED: Reclaiming Power is 7-week virtual intensive to dig deep into reclaiming, owning, managing, harnessing and conserving your power so that you are more effective.

It's designed to be a slower paced retreat for you to explore and unravel your truth around power, conflict, and how you show up in the world - and...


It's created to heal and repair your relationship to your own power, agency and sovereignty. 

During the Session, You will: 

–    Examine personal power dynamics and your relationship with your own power

–    Better understand Your Power

–    Decide when and how to use it

–    Understand and move from reacting from a place of pain to leveraging your power

–    Shift from giving your power away to harnessing and wielding it with grace and ease to get better results. 

–    Learn how to stop the cycle of control and manipulation and work towards healthy relationships and boundaries that respect the sovereignty and agency of YOU and others.  



You will get:

  • 7 video lessons and assignments to help you understand and unravel what you learned about truth, power, and how it impacts how you show up, and how to shift to showing up powerfully for yourself and others.  

  • Weekly livestream office hours check in with me to discuss and guide

  • Private online group for discussions, questions and support 

  • Closing group call to connect, commune, discuss epiphanies and get guidance how to put the truths and power you reclaim into practice. 

Investment: $777 USD