To make your business and personal goals a reality - you don't need resolve or a glorified to do need a resonant plan.


I've spent my entire career helping leaders clarify their goals and creating the plans to help them reach them.


For years I approached that planning process like everyone else:

• Beginning with the end in mind.
• Brainstorming all the possible tasks.
• Mapping dates and deadlines.

It was so uninspiring. was significantly less effective.

I saw people failing to finish, hesitating to start, losing excitement or abandoning the plan altogether, which too often resulted in abandonment of the goal, too.

Now some folks will tell you that it's because those people weren't committed or disciplined - or that they didn't "want it bad enough".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s what I know.

The reasons plans fail isn’t for lack of process or a to do list. Anyone can give you that.

Plans fail when they’re not aligned, when you don't stick to them and you don’t have support.

If you aren’t feeling it, you probably won’t finish it.
If you can't embody it, you'll have problems executing on it.
Without support even the best made plans fall apart or fall behind.

Most people approach goal setting and planning as a big project list with tasks and deadlines, forgetting incorporate the fact that they are human with energetic, environmental and emotional needs into the plan. They don't make sure that the plan includes support.

So, I changed my approach to planning and saw an increase in engagement, commitment and staying the course.

I created a process that guides you through planning that connects to your head and heart and considers more than just tasks, deadlines and stakeholders. It's a plan that considers your unique makeup, environment and needs.

The ALIGNED Vision + Planning Workbook leads you through my framework and process for planning and reaching goals.

You’ll do more than just brainstorm a bunch of things or create another wishlist/checklist for for your business or life.

You’ll create a plan that considers what YOU need to be supported and sustained so that you don’t fall off track.

You’ll have clarity around your vision, values, what you want to experience and how to make that happen.

You’ll have more than an glorified to do list. You’ll have a plan and vision for the future and something you can ground ground yourself in.

You'll complete over 20 exercises to help you get laser focused on exactly what you want.

You'll learn a process to help you figure out not only what needs to be done, but what you need in terms of support to get it done.

You’ll get a color PDF workbook with the all of exercises so that you can keep your plan and goals within reach.

Create a sustainable plan that fits, feeds and fills ALL of you and that doesn't just rely on willpower or bypassing your needs to get it done. 

ALIGNED Vision + Planning Workbook

  • The reasons goals fall by the wayside is not for lack of a plan, it's for lack of the right plan that incorporates not just the to-dos but support for getting it done.  Learn a process that teaches you how to create a sustainable plan that fits, feeds and fills ALL of you and that doesn't just rely on willpower or bypassing your needs to get it done.