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The Power of Productive Observation

I wanted to talk with you today about what I call productive observation…

I’m always paying attention to the things I see that disconnect people from their power and keep them from living the lives they truly desire.

Noticing. Observing.

Our culture is so addicted to doing.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Not all doing is productive.

I would argue most of doing…isn’t. We’ve just been so indoctrinated into hustling that it’s all we know. If you are “doing” all the things and still not getting the results you want, then, the answer isn’t doing.

Sometimes the work is listening…observing…not in a parasitic, covetous way that seeks to copy, extract or do intel on folks without their consent…but in open hearted, open minded inquiry that creates expansion and generates creativity.

You have so much untapped brilliance within you. We all do…Unlearning the belief that looking outside of ourselves is the answer to everything is the key to unlocking it.

Let me get back to observation.

I’m defining Productive Observation as the art of assessing your current situation and reality in a way that allows you to gather the information necessary to objectively audit what is present and occurring in the current moment, so that you can identify the necessary changes to create what you want.

Observation isn’t indictment.

Observation is the art of objectively acknowledging and naming what is.

Observation is the first step in the process of transformatIon.

It is a necessary…and powerful practice, as long as there is no judgement involved.

Judgment corrupts true observation.

Once judgement enters into the process - it’s no longer “observation”. When judgement enters, so does projection, shame, anger, grief, guilt and more…now you’re distracted and cannot make a powerful decision. Since we don‘t want to be wrong…now we’re off to moving up the ladder of escalation. If you feel judged…unless you’ve done your own healing and sovereignty work to say F this to other people’ s projections and/or manage your own triggers, you’re going to either avoid, defend, or attack. Now your energy is wrapped up in some BS and that’s definitely affecting your ability to be “productive”…or producing the result you want to see.

It’s a trip, yeah?

Let me pause and talk about productivity, briefly, while we are here,

Productivity doesn’t always mean hard work.

To shift into having more ease…it is imperative that you divest from the belief that “productivity” equals “labor” and know that there are so many other ways to create and sustain abundance that don’t involve sacrifice, hustling, self abandonment or self harm.

So that’s the brief overview of what observation isn’t. Let’s talk about what observation is.

Observations are neutral assessments that help you evaluate processes and situations. Observation is the noticing of a thing. It’s the acceptance and mental documentation of what is present without emotional upheaval or attachment. It’s gathering without assignment meaning.

It is the neutral naming of a thing.

Observation is the first step to getting free and actually figuring out what needs to shift, change, begin, end, decrease or expand. Once you can name what is and remain neutral…then you can begin to intentionally align with and create the life, money and relationships you desire. That level of observation will require get comfortable looking at AND telling the whole truth about what is, and whether or not what is happening and present currently is effective and supportive. If it’s not, the work is to align.

Observation + Truth + Alignment with what you desire = manifestation.

There’s so much more to this observation discussion, especially around the specific things you have to start observing, how to align your energy sustainably to create your desires faster and with more ease…I do that work with the people who come to ALCHEMY.

The first observation I invite you to make here and now is how a life of struggle, sacrificing and hustling FEEL for you…tell yourself the truth about whether or not it truly feels good to you, or if you’ve gotten into agreement with them because you’re afraid that what you want is impossible without them - or that you’ve been taught that they are the ONLY way to be successful.

There are other ways.

You can have success, joy and ease…simultaneously. I’m always going to remind you that not only is that life possible for you - you are more than worthy of it.

Lean into that.

If you know that you’re ready to lean all the way into this life of joy & ease and create a life that you actually love - complete with the relationships, abundance and freedom you desire…It’s literally my superpower and I would love to help you.

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I bet you didn‘t think collecting data could be such a sacred practice. 😉

Here’s to productive observation.


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