Hustling Ain't It...

Boot Camp and Hustle Culture is killing us.  

I think that deep down we know it.  

Anything that tells you to ignore how your body and heart feel is toxic.  

"Willpower", "discipline", "grit" and pushing past your feelings doesn't work. It won't make you successful, and it's not healthy, sustainable or realistic.

What it will leave you is sick, tired or worse. 

Something always snaps. 

When you are in terror, tottering, tired, and feel twinges of pain or signals that you are at your limit - you need to tend to it and stop beating yourself up for caring, hurting, having a heart, needing rest, having fears or being human. 

Yes you need to do what needs to be done. need space, time and energy to do it. 

Yes your feelings and fears are valid. 

AND... you cannot let them keep you in cages of inaction and repetitive loops of emotional, mental and physical fatigue.  

We live in a culture that says that if you aren't willing to ignore your health, push past your emotional, physical and financial boundaries to reach your goals or do the work, you are a loser who doesn't want "it" bad enough or doesn't deserve love, security or success.  

It's such a nasty lie.  

God, we love to glorify the hustle and hate everyone who isn't wired that way.  

We learn and love to hate and abuse ourselves and each other. 

"Survival of the fittest" is bullshit. The Boot Camp, Hustle Culture mentality is, too. 

Survival of the fittest does not apply to systems that are created to kill people.  

The "fittest" have help and support that are created to give them an unfair advantage and privilege.  THAT is actually what is TRULY doing the hustling, not them.  

Everyone needs support and support looks different for everyone. No one should get left behind. 

Pain isn't a prerequisite for success.  

F that noise.  

If you can't "keep up" it ain't always because you're lazy, unmotivated, dumb or weak.  

That's such a lazy analysis and narrative.  

Pain is a signal. It's not something to ignore. It's telling you to STOP...take a break...give yourself time and space to heal and regroup and process.  

Pushing past your limits and ignoring what your heart and body are telling you in real time is the dumbest thing to do.  

Something snaps. 

There is always a cost. 

Maybe not immediately...but eventually.  

When you don't honor and validate your pain or when you're told that your pain is something you should ignore or get over - you'll either fall into shame about it or you'll try to prove how together, professional, tough and unbothered you are.  

Either way you don't heal and you are left impaired.  

Injuries that don't get tended to can become permanent and cause impairment.  

What's better? To take time and tend to what needs to be healed or... keep ignoring, pushing, hustling, burn out and do damage to your body and heart that takes years to undo, if at all?  

This culture of callousness and pretending that you don't have feelings OR limits is killing bodies and our spirits. It disconnects you from your humanity and keeps you from having real connections and growth.  


Take a beat. 

Honor your heart. 

Acknowledge your pain.  

Process your anger/fear/hurt so that they aren't sucking up all the space, energy and attention in your life. Unravel and get to the core knots so that the next time stuff comes up, you see the tangles for what they are.  

And for God's sake, stop trying to NOT be human and stop gaslighting yourself and anyone else who refuses to abandon their humanity and common sense.  

The Hustle ain't it.  

Align. Then take audacious action.

On repeat.

I'm devoted to helping leaders get free from the hustle and make money being authentically themselves and doing what they love with ease, flow and yes, some fun.

If that's you, you should join LEGENDARY.

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