11 Things You're Wasting Time On That Aren't "The Work"

I hear a lot of folks talk about coaching that isn't working.  I also talk with and listen to a lot of people tell me about how they going about doing the their work when it comes to healing, business, love, life and success.   I realized that what a lot of folk think doing the work is -  isn’t.  I hate hustle + grind culture, so I'm not going to gaslight you by telling you that you have to" work hard" if you want to heal, have abundance, be in integrity or be successful.  Work doesn't have to be "hard" to be effective.  I will forever maintain that you don't have to harm or kill yourself, push past healthy boundaries, or manipulate to make things happen.   I LOVE meditation, musing, magic and mantas. They are powerful tools and I incorporate them into my work . But they aren't the work, either.  They SUPPORT the work.   Some of us get stuck doing one or the other - either hustling ourselves into oblivion and collapsing from exhaustion -  or only relying on mind, magic and mantras and wondering with frustration why what we want to see manifest isn't happening.  

The work isn't confined to a list of tasks that you have to get through everyday. 

How you spend and leverage your time, attention and energy dictate what you see as a result.

So when someone is not seeing results, my performance consultant brain always leads me to examine what is actually happening and whether or not what is being performed or pondered is actually moving someone to the results that they want to see. 

Work for me is defined as thought, word and action that support the outcome you want to achieve. 

So with that being said here are 11 things I see people doing that aren't the work:

  • Reading the FB, Twitter or IG post isn’t doing the work. 

  • Kiki-ing in the comments isn’t doing the work. 

  • Dreaming and talking about what life is going to be like once the work is done  isn’t doing the work. 

  • Taking about what you’re going to do isn’t doing the work. 

  • Complaining about what isn’t happening or what you don't want isn’t doing the work. 

  • Obsessing, overthinking and over analyzing isn’t doing the work. 

  • Joining the Community, enrolling in the class and being an observer instead of an engaged member/participant  isn’t doing the work.  

  • Being around and watching others who are doing their work isn’t doing the work.  

  • Hiring a coach or consultant to listen/analyze/strategize and treating coaching like a pep talk when you don’t do even one thing the coach gives you to do isn’t doing the work. 

  • Bouncing from coach to coach because you didn’t put what the last coach told you to do into action - and so you didn’t see results -  isn’t doing the work. 

These things expend energy.  They take up a ton of time.  These things even cost you money.   They are not the same as actually doing the work.

Getting clear and being honest about your life is doing the work.  Breathing through the fear and taking actions that produce the shifts you want is doing the work.  Implementing the strategies that the coach you paid good money to hire designed for you -  is doing the work.   Consistently practicing behaviors that support your success is doing the work.   Making moves that propel you in the direction of where you want to be is doing the work. 

The only way to get healed, free and move forward is to stop thinking, talking and obsessing about the work and start doing it. Getting healed, getting free and being successful don’t happen by osmosis.  They require that you show up and participate.  I’m not going to tell you that they even requires your full participation.  They don’t.  What becoming healed, liberated and successful DO require is your willingness to do some things differently. They require that you take action and engage in practices that are aligned with and support your health, liberation and abundance.  Even if you only do part of the work you're going to see SOME kind of shift and result, which to be quite honest, is why people quit doing the work before they come into full fruition of what they want to create.   Imagine what you could have, do and create if you kept going? Be willing.  Show up. Take action that moves you towards and supports your vision + goals.   Do - Document - Analyze - Evolve - Repeat.

That’s how you change your life. That’s you get free.  I'm here to help. Let’s get to work.   Get free. 

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