Pay What You Can

Join me for my current offering and pay what you can afford to pay.  

...just because you can't spend thousands doesn't mean you don't deserve to receive the support you need.  

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TL:DR: You can join my ALIGNED Vision + Planning Workshop (Details Here) and pay  me whatever you can afford to pay. Yes, I mean it. No, there's no catch.  

If you can afford the asking price ($177) - pay that

If you can afford to pay more than the asking price  and want to be a blessing to help someone else join the work- pay that. 

If you truly cannot afford the asking price and take care of yourself and your responsibilities or it's putting you in a financial bind, debt or strain to pay the asking price - pay what you can afford.  

All I ask is that you be in integrity and truly pay what you can afford and do the work.

Just choose your option and join. 

You can keep reading if you want to know why I'm doing this and then join, or if you've been waiting to work with me and already know you want to participate - you can join now here.

Just because you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on coaching doesn't mean that you don't deserve to receive the support you need.  

I'm extending an invitation.  


I'm inviting you to join my ALIGNED Vision + Planning Workshop and pay what you can afford to pay. It's a 2.5 hour workshop where I walk you through my planning process and work with you through exercises to help you clarify your vibe, vision and values for the new year along and help you develop a custom plan that incorporates not just tasks but the support you need to make the vision a reality. 


As a special bonus, anyone paying $50 or more gets a free copy of the 40-page ALIGNED PDF Workbook and Weekly Planning sheet.  



Yes, I'm serious.

No, I'm not kidding.


If you want to do this work, or need the support in doing this work and the session price of $222  is out of reach, you can pay me what you can honestly afford to pay.   


Here's how this works:

Pay what you can afford.  

If you can afford more and want to be a blessing, you can pay the suggested price or more.  

If the session price is out of your range, pay what you can afford. 

Simple, right? ​


The only thing I ask is that you be in integrity, pay what you can honestly afford to pay...and that you actually show up to do the work.   That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Let's disrupt some of the BS you hear around "investing in yourself". 

A lot of people talk about "investing" in yourself, and they will literally gaslight you into believing that the ONLY reason you're stuck is because you "won't" put yourself "first" and "pay" the "value" of a course, a workshop or coaching. ​

The reality is -  that's true for some.  Some people can absolutely afford to pay, but they don't value investing in themselves or paying others for their labor.  ​

I'm not talking to or about those people.  ​

I'm talking to the people who want to do the work and are DOING their work to heal, grow and shift out of old patterns and dysfunction but who honestly can't afford it.  I am talking to the people who don't have the extra money or enough money after they take care of their responsibilities to pay several hundred or thousands on the thing they know will help them.​

This is for you.   ​

Why? Because I've been there.  


I have always done and have been willing to do the work necessary to grow,  heal and succeed, but I have not always been in a position to be able to afford the coaching or help that I needed to help me level up. That's real talk, and it's the reality for many.  ​

I loathe exploitation and how capitalism operates so I don't subscribe to gaslighting folks into paying for things that they can't afford to prove that they "want it bad enough".  When that happens you carry the fear, anxiety, desperation and, yes, even resentment into the space that is supposed to be a blessing to you and nurture you.  ​

I intentionally price my work at a cost that's accessible, because it matters to me.  That means that I already price most of my offerings a lot lower than other coaches.  That  means, according to experts, that I don't often charge what my work is "worth".  It's impossible to do so.  If  you read my testimonials, you'll see that the work I do changes lives.  How much is that worth?​

What I  also know is: accessible is relative.  For some people $1K is a LOT of money. For some, it's what they throw away weekly, sometimes daily. The same is true for just about any number no matter how large or small.  

How does my "pay what you can" offer work?

If you can afford the asking price - pay that
If you can afford to pay more than the asking price and you want to be a blessing to help someone else who can't afford the asking price to do the work - you can pay more.  
If you truly cannot afford the asking price and take care of yourself and your responsibilities or it's putting you in a financial bind, debt or strain to pay the asking price - pay what you can afford.  

You don't need to discuss your financial situation with me, or justify to me what you pay.  I'm trusting you that if you pay less it's because that's all you can afford, and that's okay. 

So if this offer speaks to you - I ask you to accept this invitation to pay what you can and join this work without guilt, shame or feeling like you don't deserve to be here because you do.


Don't second guess joining or shame yourself for not being able to "pay full price". ​

Enough with that mess. Nobody will know what you pay but me and if I cared about it, I wouldn't be extending the offer.  I want to give you the opportunity to do this work, and disrupt the narratives about money and worthiness while I'm at it. 

Capitalism has us ALL effed up. 

It will have you equating your net worth for self worth.  So, in that vein of thinking, you're only "worth" something when your bank balance has that magical number that tells you that you've arrived.  

It will also have you thinking that that unless you have a ton of money to spend, you're not worthy of help.That's EXACTLY what's wrong with us now. 

You are worthy and deserving of help regardless of how much money you make or have to spend. 


If you think that your worth is tied to your bank balance, it may be because you, like so many of us, have been suckered into demonizing people that have less, instead of understanding that we have structures that create poverty and inequity by design, and holding the people who create, enable and keep them in place accountable. 


Money is neutral, greed, inequity and capitalism are not.  

Too many these offers come with applications or phone calls where you have to beg, dance, justify or explain why you cannot afford to pay the full price.  It's humiliating.  It's already hard enough to deal with managing life when you don't have a lot of excess or can't afford a "development" budget without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to prove you deserve a scholarship. 

I'm taking all of that off the table.  

You don't have to beg, explain or justify. 

You don't have to fill out any special application and share your personal story to prove that you can't afford to pay more. 

Just pay what you can afford and do the work.  


This isn't a game or a tactic.  

It's not a ploy to get you into coaching community, although I'd love to have you join me for some of the deeper longer work if and when you can.  


This is a way for me to do what I'm called to do in a way that feels loving and in integrity. 

I'm here to set people free, and that doesn't involve using manipulative tactics that keep people bound to toxic narratives about money and who deserves support. 

Come get this support, extended in love and get to work.