ALIGN: Immersion 




Sometimes you want...and need it to be all about you.  ​

I love working with and facilitating group sessions.  They're full of magic and synergy.  When they are full of energy and engaged, there is phenomenal exchange of ideas, epiphanies and support. 


For people energized by groups, focused on building community or looking to avoid the isolation of working alone, groups are perfect. 


And...It's not the kind of support everyone wants or needs. ​



Sometimes, the idea of sharing your needs, opportunity areas and challenges in a group doesn't help you.   Sometimes, it can you spiraling into comparison and shame, and fear.  So you filter, hide and don't share...which means you NEVER get the support or  results that you are looking for and need.  

You need more time, space...and privacy to unravel and process and do your work.  

You need someone who is going to be immersed in the work with you.  ​

You, quite frankly, don't want to share your coaching space, ideas and fears in a group. 

You want the luxury of having the time, attention, focus and energy to be ALL about YOU. 

If that sounds like what you need - ALIGNED: IMMERSION is just for you


It's all about you, and only you: 

YOUR areas of being stuck.

YOUR specific goals and vision.

YOUR unique patterns and ways of processing and creating. 

You + Me, for 3 months weeks...aligning, reclaiming and reconstructing. 

First we will meet for a 1/2 day intensive, and get intimately acquainted with what you want and , more importantly what you need and create your tailor made plans for success based upon all of it. Then we will meet bi-weekly 3 months moving forward while addressing and removing blocks as they appear. You'll have access to me via a private communication channel for questions and support between our immersion calls.  We'll wrap up with a final strategy and closing ceremony so you'll know exactly what to do when our time is up - unless of course you're not ready to leave.  In that case, you can sign on for one of my coaching retainer packages so we can keep the magic going.  

Investment: $3333 

Want to know if immersion is right for you?  ​Let's chat. 

Here's what I know about success

You can't hustle or fake your way out of everything.  


Sustainable wholeness and success comes with honesty, clarity, consistency, action, alignment and SUPPORT.  

Fake it till you make it is trash and the things just because you aren't given the safety and space to talk the REAL stuff that keeps you stuck, sabotaging, or shrinking - doesn't mean that it isn't there and stalling your success. That stuff takes up space and you need a coach who knows how to help you get it out of your way, and I know how to do just that.  

When you aren't clear on what you want and what you need to support it, even if success comes, it doesn't stay.  


Our disconnected, dial-it-in, pre-recorded, help-is-unavailable, fumble-and-figure-it-out-on-your-own, self-development culture will leave you frustrated, isolated, and trying to figure out complex issues with with little context, no support and more questions than answers when all is said and done.  


Our social media influenced drive-by-community will have you attempting to have critical conversations in pieces and most of them are incomplete.   


Our rushed, git 'er done, individualistic bootstrapping  culture born out of too much to do with nearly no support will have you so depleted that even breathing feels it takes too much work, some days.  

These solutions are incomplete and ineffective.   

These approaches lead to disconnection, frustration, stunted growth, stress  and stagnation.


The most critical components for you to thrive, succeed and reach your goals are ALIGNMENT, ACTION and SUPPORT.  


You need a powerful plan, time to process, right action that leads to results, a safe place to process and practice -  and support to synthesize everything so that you can be aligned and on track. 

I'm going to give you one-on-one intimate attention to help you do it. ​

Let's get to it.  


You're going to be held. 

You're going to be seen. 

You're going to be supported.  

You and the work you bring to me will be treated as sacred - because you are and it is.  

You're going to have a safe place to tell the complete truth about everything - what you're creating, what you fear, what you feel and what you need.  

Your dreams, fears, feelings, work and goals will be treated with care and confidentiality. 

You're going to get crystal clear about what you want, what you need and what you need to create it.  

You'll create your framework of support to ensure that you don't just muse about your goals, you'll reach them.  

II'll be working with you weekly to help, guide and mentor you into creating and sustaining what you want and need.



We'll start off with a 4 hour intensive session to get you started and I'll walk you step-by-step through my ALIGNED work so that we have a good foundation and understanding of what you want, what you need and start creating our plan to get you there.  ​

After that we will meet weekly for guidance, support, coaching, actions and (gasp) accountability - because the truth is, nothing happens if you don't have a plan, take action and have accountability and support to see that you get it done. 

You'll learn processes, practices  and strategies to keep your head and heart in the game and create what you want without all the drama, stress, and false starts.  

You'll understand the places where you're out of alignment - we'll work together to get you in precision alignment so that not only will you create what you want, but you'll know how to get back on track when you falter.  


When you join you get: 

  • ME, as your sounding board, coach, guide, mentor, hype-woman and off-the-ledge talker and creative, strategic BFF...for three full months. 

  • A 4-hour ALIGNED planning and strategy session to get crystal clear on exactly what you want and uncover hidden desires, needs and barriers .

  • Weekly 1:1 check in and coaching session with me during the engagement.

  • Coaching support between calls via Slack.  

  • Complimentary 3 month membership in my Month Membership in my  ALIGN Collective online community

  • $111/monthly payable in 4 installments of $333 or $1111 for a full year (2 months free)


This engagement isn't for you if you don't want to do the work. 

This engagement isn't for you if you only dream about about the future but don't want to take action to create your future.  This engagement isn't for you if you're not willing to be honest.  The truth is your friend and it will set you free. 

This engagement isn't for you if you're not willing to make changes.  

This engagement isn't for you if you want to spend all your time talking about the ways that you're stuck but don't want to actually get UNSTUCK.  

This engagement is for people ready to get clear, be free, and align so that you can live, love and lead at a higher level and create what you want.  

Hey..I'm Staci


...and I'm on a mission to build healed, powerful liberated leaders who are powerful creators and forces for good.  

I'm a leadership and performance consultant with a 25 year track record of facilitating powerful shifts and amazing outcomes in businesses and lives, so I’m qualified and capable of making sure it happens for YOU. 


Asking powerful questions, building solid frameworks for sustainable success and helping people get free from the programming that keeps them stuck and cycling through the same problems and creative solutions and strategy are my superpowers.  

After working with me, you will know how to show up powerfully for yourself,  create what you want consistently and construct the structures for support that you need to make sure that you stay on track.  

Are you ready?  Let's get to work.  

"I have had the divine pleasure of working with Staci a few times. Her offerings gather the best community and she facilitates spaces of vulnerability in a way that both challenged and nurtured me.


Her work helped me put things into words that I had been unable to articulate and that gave me solidity and strength to go after what I want.


She says that getting free is a process and staying free is a practice and she models that beautifully with her wisdom, integrity, and willingness to discuss the realities of her life. Nothing is sugar coated or curated to appear perfect and I have the upmost respect for her. Hire her. For everything. Staci is pure magic." 

~ Renee M. 

"I discovered Staci and her Unraveled offering upon realizing that it was time to face some hard truths about the way I was living my life.


We were just minutes into the first session and Staci’s depth and expertise were immediately at work. Her presence was so warm, courageous, and engaging that it expedited my ability to begin moving forward in new and courageous ways almost immediately.


After facing the truth (Unraveling) with Staci for more than six months, my inner and outer worlds have changed significantly. I came to her hiding in plain sight, having never shared myself, my voice, or my own gifts, publicly or privately. This year I will be sharing a project I have been working on for years (publicly), despite my blind spots and fear. I have also had the courage to get involved with leadership and events in my own community, with whom I previously wouldn’t have summoned the inner courage to engage.


Staci also calls forth a community commensurate with her level of integrity, wisdom, and kindness—making way for the incredible experience of being authentically held and witnessed (no matter how messy it gets).

In essence, Staci guides us through the hills of hell and home to the truth, and the truth is an exorcist for the inner voices that often keep us bound in terror."​

~ Brandy D. 

"The Sydney you see here today has been monumentally shifted and redirected thanks to you.  Unraveling saved my life and helped me understand my process.  

You are one of the brightest lights I've ever had the pleasure of being in community with and honestly there re days when I ask myself 'What would Staci do?'  That question helps me move through the hard shit with integrity, and that, ultimately is all I can ask of myself."

~Sydney W. 

Working with me is a game changer - don't just take my word for it: