ALIGN: The Collective 


12 Month Membership with me as your Mentor & Guide

Processes + Practices to help you get clear on the vision, get free from what is in the way and reach your goals as you 

Live, Love, Create and Lead with Integrity, Power and Truth. 

The ALIGN Collective is my mentoring membership for leaders, healers, change agents creatives who are ready to get free,  live audaciously get to work and start creating new worlds and ways of being.  


The ALIGN Collective is a space to uncover the beliefs, behaviors and binaries that shape how you live, love and lead - and learn practical  processes, practices and strategies to help you start to lead and live from a place of power, a praxis of liberation and create your life from a place of intention instead of fear and reaction.  



You'll identify the stories and narratives that have been driving your life and creating your experience AND how to stop aligning with the ones that are hurting your ability succeed.



You'll get clear on your vision for the future, the vibe for your life, the legacy you want to create and EXACTLY what you need to do to create, sustain and support all of it.  


You'll have me as your coach, mentor and guide.  


You'll be in community with other leaders, creatives, healers and entrepreneurs who are committed to healing and liberation - not just in theory but practice -  and join curated conversations, community-exclusive workshops and content and practices guaranteed to help you be fully aligned and get what you want with less effort and more ease.  


We create new days, lives and worlds here. 

If you're ready to get free from the things that have been holding you back and start living, leading and loving from a place of power, integrity and truth​ - while creating exactly what you want, join me. 

Welcome to your Liberation.  


Be Aligned​

Investment: 12 payments of $111 or single payment of $1111 (2 months free)


Give me 12 months and I'm going to change your life and improve the way you live, love and lead. 

For 52 weeks, you'll get free from the programming that has been keeping you stuck.  


You'll learn to be more compassionate with yourself and others.  


You'll learn solid strategies to stop living a life that is dictated by triggers and learn how to be an intentional, powerful leader that doesn't rely on toxic ways of being to get shit done.


You'll unlearn oppressive and toxic ways of relating to yourself and others and learn how to lead your life from a praxis of liberation - not oppression.   

You'll also walk away with proven frameworks that can apply to your life in real time to assess the real problems, navigate internal and external conflicts with integrity and ease, connect to possibility and take creative control of your own life.  


All you need is a journal, a way to connect online, a willing heart and an open mind. ​

For a year I show up as a mentor, coach and guide to help you gently shift direction and create sustainable changes for success. You'll get weekly exercises and content, impromptu live trainings inside a powerful community of people committed to to creating powerful changes within and without.  

Each week of your year within the ANEW Collective, you'll receive a weekly invitation to explore the beliefs and binaries that shape how you show up and keep you from reaching your goals and being the powerful leader, creator and partner you want to be.  


You'll get passages to explore, journaling prompts in the form of coaching questions for exploration and to gain clarity on what needs to shift to move towards a praxis of libration and power.   


You'll learn solid PRACTICES to help you apply the shifts and work to help you align everything so that you are LIVING the changes, not just thinking about what needs to change. 

You'll also have a private online community to PROCESS, question and explore. 


When you join you get: 

  • Me as a coach, mentor and guide in a group setting for a full year.  

  • 12 Month Membership in the  ANEW Collective online community

  • Immediate access to ALIGNED, my framework and session to help you define your vision/goals and develop a fail-safe plan to execute on the flawlessly.  

  • Immediate access to ANEW - my program that walks you through unlearning the common issues that keep you from having a healthy relationship with yourself, others, and your goals.

  • Weekly prompts, exercises and practices.  

  • Livestream video workshops and check ins to expand on the work

  • Monthly Virtual Salon for questions and discussions.

  • 20% discount on intensives, and events 

  • Special Collective Members only pricing for 1:1 coaching sessions.  

  • $111/monthly payable in 4 installments of $333 or $1111 for a full year (2 months free)

Hey..I'm Staci

...and I'm on a mission to build healed, powerful liberated leaders who are powerful creators and forces for good.  

I'm a leadership and performance consultant with a 25 year track record of facilitating powerful shifts and amazing outcomes in businesses and lives, so I’m qualified and capable of making sure it happens for YOU. 


It's time to be the leader you need and create the life and world  you want.


Let's begin.  

It's a New Day.


Join a community of like minds & hearts focused on healing, growth, success and liberation. 



 in meaningful  conversations  around things that matter with real strategies for getting and staying free. 


Get access to exclusive content, a liberated community, workshops and coaching to help you get free and stay free.  


Learn practical processes and practices for applying learning ad integrating into your daily life.